The POINT (Public Oregon Intercity Transit) service provides Oregonians with reliable, 365-day public transit options for intercity travel between urban and rural communities and major transportation hubs around the state. This is made possible by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and its partnerships with several independent transit companies. The POINT service fills gaps in Oregon’s statewide transit network, brings new intercity bus routes to rural communities and other parts of the state that once were underserved, and helps strengthen the transit network where there is already established service.

So, whether you commute from Portland to Salem, or you’re planning a trip to the coast from Ashland, or you need to get to Central Oregon from as far away as Ontario, try taking POINT, a relaxing, environmentally friendly alternative to driving!

POINT roundtrip services include:
• Cascades POINT – Portland to Eugene
• Eastern POINT – Bend to Ontario
• HighDesert POINT – Redmond to Chemult
• NorthWest POINT – Portland to Astoria
• SouthWest POINT – Klamath Falls to Brookings

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