SouthWest route  Klamath Falls-Brookings  


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Q: Will Wi-Fi be available?

A: Yes! All POINT routes have free Wi-Fi. Please understand that due to the rural nature of the SouthWest route, our Wi-Fi service may be intermittent in some spots.

Q: Are there power outlets on board?

A: Yes! The SouthWest route has 110v A/C power outlets on each bus that are free for passengers to use. Outlets are located in a strip above the windows on the driver side of the bus. Be sure to choose a seat on this side of the bus if you need to power your devices while on board.

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Q: This is a long route, is there a restroom on the bus?

A: Our buses do not currently have restrooms but several of our scheduled stops are at a locations where restrooms are available to passengers, including the Collier Tunnel Rest Area about halfway between Brookings and Grants Pass. Additionally, passengers may ask the driver to stop sooner for a restroom break if needed but please note that unscheduled stops are at the discretion of our drivers and are based on availability and safety.

Q: What is your luggage policy?

A: You may bring two bags plus a carry-on. Please call The Shuttle at if you need to bring more than two bags with you or if you have any questions about the luggage policy.

Q: Can I bring my bicycle?

A: Yes! Each bus is limited to only three bicycles per trip. Any additional bicycles will each require a bike box, which will be stored in the luggage bay with the other luggage.

Q: Can I bring a pet?

A: Service animals are permitted and need to be identified as such. All other animals/pets are permitted on the buses, provided that they can fit into a pet carrier and be stowed under the seat.

Q: Does the bus have seat belts?

A: Yes, every seat on our bus has a seat belt.

Q: Can I bring my baby on the bus in their infant car seat?

A: Yes, your baby is welcome aboard and every seat is capable of securing a car seat.

Q: Will there be connections to other transit services at the end of my trip?

A: Most likely. The POINT tries to coordinate with local transit services as much as possible. The easiest way to find connections is to map your trip with Google Maps and select the “Transit” option (small train icon).

Q: What happens if I lose an item?

A: All lost and found items will be returned to the main office at:

The Shuttle
445 S Spring St.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601


Open Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.*, Sat-Sun, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.*

*Hours of operation subject to change. Please call to verify hours before making travel arrangements.


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