NorthWest route  Portland-Astoria  


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Q: What do the bus numbers on the schedule mean? Is this a train or a bus?

A: The NorthWest POINT is a bus service operated by MTR Western that is coordinated with the Amtrak train that stops in Portland. The service is called a “thruway” bus service which means it connects to a Amtrak train station. Thruway buses have Amtrak numbers which are four digits. Amtrak train numbers are one to three digits.

Q: Will Wi-Fi be available?

A: Yes! All POINT routes have free Wi-Fi. Please understand that due to the rural nature of the NorthWest route, our Wi-Fi service may be intermittent in some spots.

Q: Are there power outlets on board?

A: Yes! The NorthWest route has 24 110v A/C power outlets on each bus that are free for passengers to use. Outlets are available in every other row and are located in two different places depending on the bus. Look for the plugs near the floor below the window or next to the footrests on the seatback.

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Q: What is your luggage policy?

A: This route follows Amtrak’s baggage policy.

Q: Can I bring my bicycle?

A: Yes! Passengers may bring one bike free of charge as space allows. Space availability will be at our drivers’ discretion. If you’d like to reserve a space for your bike ahead of time, please purchase a $5 bicycle ticket from Amtrak when you buy your ticket. Bikes will be stored in the luggage compartment under the bus. A bike box is not necessary

Q: Can I bring a pet?

A: Sorry, only service animals are allowed on the bus and they need to be identified as such.

Q: Does the bus have seat belts?

A: Some of our buses have seat belts but not all of them.

Q: Can I bring my baby on the bus in their infant car seat?

A: Babies are welcome aboard all POINT routes! Unfortunately, there is no way to secure an infant car seat on some of NorthWest buses since not all our buses have seat belts or car seat anchors. If you’d like to keep your little one on your lap we will happily to store their car seat in the cargo area for free or allow it as a carry-on as space allows.

Q: Will there be connections to other transit services at the end of my trip?

A: Most likely. The POINT tries to coordinate with local transit services as much as possible. The easiest way to find connections is to map your trip with Google Maps and select the “Transit” option (small train icon).

Q: What happens if I lose an item?

A: All lost and found items will be returned to the local Amtrak station:

Portland Amtrak Station
800 NW Sixth Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
Open Daily, 7:45am-9:00pm*

*Hours of operation subject to change. Please call to verify hours before making travel arrangements.


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