HighDesert route  Redmond-Chemult  


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Q: What do the bus numbers on the schedule mean? Is this a train or a bus?

A: The HighDesert POINT is a bus service operated by Pacific Crest Bus Lines that is coordinated with the Amtrak train that stops in Chemult. The service is called a “thruway” bus service which means it connects to an Amtrak train station. Thruway buses have Amtrak numbers which are four digits. Amtrak train numbers are one to three digits.

Q: Can you ride the HighDesert route if you’re not connecting to/from the train at Chemult?

A: Yes! You are welcome to ride the HighDesert route with or without a train ticket for the service at Chemult Station. However, please keep in mind that our bus service works like a shuttle or taxi for the Amtrak train so if the train is running late—which it usually is—then we’ll adjust our departure times to match when the train arrives in Chemult. Once you buy your ticket please check in with our operator at 1-888-846-4183 and they will keep you updated about changes to the schedule on the day of your trip.

Q: Is there some place I can park my car before I catch the bus or train?

A: In Bend, passengers are permitted to park in the lot at Hawthorne Station for free. If you need to park for more than one night please contact Cascades East Transit at 541-385-8680. The train station in Chemult has 50 parking spaces and allows both same-day and overnight parking free of charge.

Q: Will there be connections to other transit services at the end of my trip?

A: Most likely. The POINT tries to coordinate with local transit services as much as possible. The easiest way to find connections is to map your trip with Google Maps and select the “Transit” option (small train icon).

Q: Can I get picked up or dropped off at a different stop than what’s on the schedule?

A: Unfortunately not. For safety reasons, the POINT only uses our designated stops. We do not make “flag stops.”

Q: Does the bus have free Wi-Fi?

A: Yes! All POINT routes have free Wi-Fi. Please understand that due to the rural nature of the HighDesert route, our Wi-Fi service may be intermittent in some spots.

Q: Are there power outlets on board?

A: Yes! The HighDesert route has 110V AC power outlets on each bus that are free for passengers to use. Outlets are in sets of two and are located along the walls in every other row.

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Q: What is your luggage policy?

A: You may bring two bags on the bus (50 lbs max each).

Q: Can I bring my bicycle or my skis?

A: Yes! There is space for two bikes on the front bike racks. If you’re in a group with more than two bikes, please call us at 1-888-846-4183 and we will try to accommodate more. You may also bring skis and ski equipment of a reasonable size.

Q: Can I bring a pet?

A: Only service animals are allowed on the bus.

Q: Does the bus have seat belts?

A: Yes, every seat on our bus has a seat belt.

Q: Can I bring my baby on the bus in their infant car seat?

A: Yes, your baby is welcome aboard and every seat is capable of securing a car seat.

Q: What happens if I lose an item?

A: Please call the Pacific Crest Bus Lines office at as soon as possible.


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