HighDesert route  Redmond-Chemult  

NOTICE: Effective October 1, 2019, our partners at Amtrak will be taking over the management of this shuttle service. Visit the Alerts & News page for more information.

The HighDesert POINT route is an Amtrak shuttle service for passengers connecting to and from the Coast Starlight train at the Chemult Amtrak Station. The route provides daily service between the Redmond Airport and the Chemult Station, making a total of five stops. There are two trips per day in each direction. The service is coordinated with the train so our posted schedule is subject to change on a daily basis to accommodate delays in arrival/departure times for the train at Chemult. See the Schedules page for more details.

This route’s 12- and 31-passenger buses have free Wi-Fi, power outlets, air conditioning, space for your luggage and bicycle, and are wheelchair accessible.

This route is operated by Pacific Crest Bus Lines and connects with our eastbound Eastern route at the Hawthorne Station in Bend (Note: 2 hr, 25 min layover required).

Tickets are sold by Amtrak. Our bus drivers do not sell tickets.

Pacific Crest Bus Lines
P.O. Box 7881
Bend, OR 97708