Cascades route  Portland-Eugene  

The Cascades POINT route provides daily bus service between Downtown Portland and the University of Oregon in Eugene, serving 5 cities and making a total of seven stops. There are seven trips per day in each direction. See the Schedules page for more details.

This route’s modern 51-passenger buses have restrooms, free Wi-Fi, power outlets, air conditioning, space for your luggage and bicycle, and are wheelchair accessible.

This route is operated by MTR Western and is coordinated with the Amtrak Cascades train service, which connects 18 cities in the Pacific Northwest along a 467-mile route from Eugene to Vancouver, B.C.

Tickets are sold by Amtrak. Our bus drivers do not sell tickets.

MTR Western
235 Cap Ct.
Eugene, OR 97402
206-438-8337 (weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)