Cascades POINT  Portland-Eugene  541-484-4100

Alerts & News

TEMPORARY SCHEDULE ADJUSTMENT – January 2, 2018: Due to the derailment of the Amtrak Cascades train and the resulting loss of train equipment, we will be making a minor schedule adjustment to our 10:45 am southbound bus (#5543) to allow for a more seamless connection for southbound train passengers. Effective January 2, 2018, bus 5543 will depart Portland at 11:10 am instead of 10:45 am. The bus will be assigned a new temporary bus number of “5501.” No other bus schedules will be affected at this time. This interim schedule will be in effect until train operations are fully restored. We have no estimated dates at this time.

Below is the interim schedule for bus 5543/5501:

  • Portland:  11:10 am
  • Woodburn:  11:50 am
  • Salem:  12:15 pm
  • Albany:  12:55 pm
  • Eugene:  1:45 pm
  • University of Oregon:  1:55 pm

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back for more updates.

SCHEDULE CHANGE – December 18, 2017: You may have heard the Amtrak Cascades train schedule will be changing in mid-December. Making connections to and from that service at Union Station is a top priority for our Cascades POINT route so that means we’ll also be changing our schedule to coordinate with the new train schedule. This will only affect our Cascades (Portland-Eugene) route. This will be a major schedule change for this route and is the result of months passenger surveys, ridership analysis, and close coordination with our train partners. It also incorporates a lot of feedback we’ve received from our riders over the years about things like travel times, arrival times, and more.











SERVICE NOTICE – December 11, 2017: Construction on the University of Oregon campus will require us to temporarily move our stop from the Student Recreation Center to the Clinical Services building located here. See the map below. We will be using the temporary stop from December 11th to January 2nd. Please check back for updates.



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